Monday, March 15, 2010

Peace at Last?!!

OBSIDIAN SQUARE, Wizard City (March 15, 2010) The war is surprisingly over. Turns out it was fake. Many wizards are awestruck at the fact they were fighting a fake war. Lenora Drake says, "I wish I had known, because I would've warned the citizens of the Spiral of this indecency and conspiracy." Merle Ambrose, King Dylano, and Malistaire were arrested for 50 years on charges of conspiracy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spiral War III begins, a chance at fame

WEST CITY, Celestia (March 13, 2010) It is official, Spiral War III has begun. Early this morning, Celestia and MooShu declared war on Krokotopia. Surprisingly, Dragonspyre under the rule of Malistaire attacked their former ally from Spiral War II this morning. Dragonspyre, Celestia, and Wizard City are in an alliance. Krokotopia and Marleybone are also in an alliance. MooShu has decided to go into war alone with help of their former allies. Remember, theories of Spiral War III included an atomic bomb on Tokyoko, West City, and Obsidian City. We will keep you posted in this raging war.

TOKYOKO, MooShu (March 13, 2010) Future filmmaker Samantha Drake is now holding auditions for a new movie, Wizard101 The Movie! W101M is supposed to begin production in June 2010, and auditions will be held on Monday and Thursday of next week. Drake said "I hope to make a Woskar (Wizard Oscar's)."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ravenwood Bombing; Spiral Gate Destroyed

RAVENWOOD SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ARTS, Wizard City (March 12, 2010)-The sad picture of defeat looms in the minds of Wizard City residents. Its the fact that Krokotopia has bombed yet another place, Ravenwood! During this outrageous bombing, Bartleby has been destroyed, and so has the Spiral Gate. Many schools have been destroyed, and 2 teachers died. Ambrose signed the declaration of war at 7:08pm. This begins the Wizard City-Krokotopian War and possibly Spiral War III.

Wizard City nuked; from Warm War to Spiral War III?

OBSIDIAN SQUARE, Wizard City (March 12, 2010)-Wizard City has just been nuclear bombed by the enemy, Krokotopia. Could this be the end of the Warm War? We were all expecting a Krokotopian attack, but not in Wizard City, we expected MooShu, which has been bombed plenty of times during April-August 1986. Ambrose released this statement: "I shall not declare war on the sandy dunes of Krokotopia unless the situation has become too evasive." The Krokotopian general was not available for comment.

Emperor Yoshihito dies; age 284

TOKYOKO, MooShu (March 12, 2010)-Late Thursday night, Emperor Tokiwan Yoshihito of the famous Yoshihitos died from a heart attack. His wife, Empress Tokyoko Yoshihito said "I will survive in this time of sadness, grief, and mourn. Thank you to all who cared for me in this hard time. Emperor Yoshihito's spirit will live on forever in the heart of all MooShuians." Emperor Yoshihito's body was buried in the Ancient Burial Grounds. The inscription on his tomb reads: "One Emperor. One Man. One Hero." Empress Yoshihito will take the place until Emperor Kyoto arrives.