Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Party of Terror

Late Saturday night, 2 men attacked a Valentine's Day Party in a local Wizard City home. During the attack full of many weapons, 2 were killed and over a dozen were injured. 3 apalidemcos (holds dust in your arm which is your magical power and life) were destroyed. The men, later identified as the Drake brothers, were later arrested on 50,000 Crown dollars (C') bail.

In other news, Jacques of Knight Court has been accused of scratchings in Chelsea Court. Jacques later plead not guilty. He was released from Scotland Yard on 25,000 C' bail.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Serial Killer in the Spiral; kids beware

After a string of killings in Marleybone including H.G. Waggs and Amy Brooks, Mayor Pimsbury released a statement this morning. "We must make safety procedures for the safety of our city. After all of the killings, we have put some new laws in order. Wizards under 18 must be at home between the hours of 10:30pm and 6:30am. All wizards entering Barkingham Palace must be inspected, and questing in Marleybone is banned bwtweem 9:00pm and 7:45am after a temporary ban for two weeks." Mayor Pimsbury hopes Sherlock Bones and Watson will find the killer.

Havoc in Celestia

Late Thursday night, a man in Celestia set off 13 bombs in the Village of Stars. This bombing killed 130 people and injured over 50 people. Wizards and the man later revealed as Malorn Drake-AshThorn engaged in a fight. Malorn was charged with attempted murder and was given 50-100 years in prison. He will be elligible for parole in 2076.