Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Note from the Deveraux

Dear Spiral Newspaper Readers,
I doubt there's anyone here wanting to read this anyway, but I thought it would be nice to say. Reporting for you is not a wizard, but a pirate: the Ambitious Ellie Deveraux. I'm in quite a famous family and "not really family" line. Over the two years of nothing, the reporters were wizardly friends I knew. And I know they would've wanted me to say this: I plan on continuing their legacy. And hopefully, I won't be alone.

As I get back to pirating, I plan on recruiting some friends to report with me. Even now, I have ideas on possible colleagues. My first issues are gonna be on my own. It'll be hard to do this by myself. But with time, we can make a possible lasting effort in supplying news to the Spiral.

This note is also a cry for help. I'll need readers and news. Lots of it (fake news you made up). Anything you find out in YOUR corner of the Spiral should be posted here. Let's start a brand new news. And hopefully, we can continue the legacy.

Yours truly,
Ambitious Ellie Deveraux