Monday, January 10, 2011

The Long Awaited Return! Issue #10

And welcome back to the Spiral Newspaper.

SPIRAL NEWSPRINT, Marleybone (January 10, 2011)-Late Sunday afternoon, Fred Dunewalker, creator of famous Spiral Newspaper, announced a celebration party in the works.

"It will be in January or February in honor of the return!" Fred remarked when we interviewed him at his newly rebuilt Brookstone, Maleybone home. For the rest of the interview, which will be archived on the Spiral Newspaper site today, click here.

Fred also says that Spiral Newspaper will be "better" and that it will be introducing some new reporters. "We have a few great reporters to add to the crew, and they would be Emily Nightstalker, Samantha Roseheart, and Ellie Emeraldsong. Miss Drake will be taking a temporary leave."

As soon as more details are made, you'll see them here!

~Fiona Dunesong